Fall Coffeehouse at the North Campus

By Tong ‘Lydia’ Wu ’22.

Photo by Xinyu ‘Jocelyn’ Zhang ’23. From left to right: Valerie Nyarko ’23, Jasmine Deleon ’20, Gabrielle Buissereth ’22.

With the guitar music of Mr. Glassey and the songs of Mr. Lee, last Friday November 8, a crowd was lying on the ground of the basement in North Campus, chatting, laughing, and enjoying their night at the Coffee House. On November 8, North Campus hosted a hilarious party organized by the faculty and the dorm council. This was the Coffee House, where students on both campuses celebrate twice per year, getting together, sharing delicious food, and enjoying each other’s performances on the stage on the dorm’s lower floor. The environment with warm yellow lights, cans of icy soda, and light music sung by best friends to create memories of a wonderful night.

Photo by Zifu ‘Cici’ Yu ‘22. Left to right: Mr. Lee, Mr. Glassey.

Although there weren’t abundant acts in the Coffee House, the atmosphere downstairs was comfortable. Different from other school parties, the faculty from both campuses performed for Coffee House which is exciting for the students. With Mr. Glassey’s guitar supporting, Mr. Lee and Mrs. Glassey sang a song by Fleetwood Mac about change, love, and time named “Landslide,” creating peacefulness and quiet in which to think deeply about our lives. As the lyrics flowed out, students sat on comfortable sofas or lay on the ground with a handful of food on their plates, listening carefully. 

In addition to the softer music by the staff, students also performed enjoyable party music. Gabrielle Buissereth, Jasmine Deleon, and Valerie Nyarko sang “Titanium”, engaging the audience near the stage. Almost everyone sitting on the floor stood and sang together with them as their voices led the crowd with their enthusiasm. Angelina Latin danced during the song, moving her body freely with the rhythm of the notes. Her flexible body adapted to any posture, and her performance was full of passion and warmth conveyed to the audience. The singers poured deeply into the song, making for a wonderful and successful performance. 

Another performance that amazed the crowd was lead by Chidindu Aniekwengabu and his friends. His original beatboxing combined perfectly with the classical sound of the piano; his rap followed every note closely, firing up the whole stage. Three young teens holding their phones and reading the lyrics made for a casual and informal presentation, which promoted the homelike feeling of the evening, the most important feature of the Coffee House. Everyone at North Campus that night believed the dorm is another home for all LCA students; it is a comfortable and welcoming place. Everyone sitting next to you is a family member. Nobody blamed any performers whether they did well or not because everyone loved their courage and confidence. 

Photo by Xinyu ‘Jocelyn’ Zhang’ 23, Left to right: Joshua Miller ‘22, Trey Baskett ‘21, Bryan Bennett ‘22, Chidindu Aniekwenagbu ’22.

One of the huge surprises was the positive feedback participants at Coffee House gave to the organizers. According to a survey of students who attended Coffee House, one hundred percent of respondents believed that the night they spent in North Campus is one of the most wonderful memories they had until now. Students shared thoughts such as, “I felt like the coffee house is just a time where you could literally have fun. As well as having fun, it is also a way where u could show people any talent you’ve been working on as it provides a little performance for a small audience.” Some of the dorm students living at North Campus last year really appreciated how much the Coffee House has improved this year.

The reason that North Campus holds the Coffee House every year on a Friday night is to let the hardworking students feel free from the heavy academic pressure, giving them a pleasing time to appreciate the performances of their friends and teachers. North Campus also always encourages students to share their skills and interests with their friends. Outgoing students will spend a great time enjoying their conversations with friends; timid students will discover their own stage in the Coffee House, so that they become braver in their ability to show themselves to others later on. 

With a lot of food, performance, laughing, and excitement, North Campus supplied students from both campuses with a wonderful night. North Campus is always a place for students to realise that they belong to a community. Even if you are not able to come for the Coffee House, the dorm always invites guests anytime. Whether living in the dorm in the future or visiting friends in North Campus, everyone is always welcome.