Recognizing LCA’s Northeastern District Musicians

By Katrina Schell, Performing Arts Division Head. Image available here.

During Friday’s celebrations, four Leroys were given out in regards to “Districts”; Northeastern Districts is a festival that includes wind, string, jazz, and vocal ensembles that perform in January, 2020. With only three rehearsals leading up to the final performance, these motivated musicians are expected to learn their music ahead of time and come ready to blend their voices in a chorus. The All-State Festival takes place in March, and it includes chorus, jazz band, orchestra, and symphonic band performances.

Before Thanksgiving break, a group of students traveled to a location to audition for the Massachusetts Music Educators’ Association Northeastern District. Out of 1,062 instrumentalists and vocalists that auditioned, only 39% were accepted; approximately half of those accepted received an invitation to audition for All States, which Ms. Bulger lovingly refers to as “the musical EIL’s.” LCA proudly boasts four vocalists—Jasmine Deleon, Kevin Moody, Peter Na, and Katrina Schell—that were both accepted into Districts and received an invitation for All States. Both festivals are competitive, but All-States in particular is an elite musical ensemble, and the Blue and White wishes the best of luck to our musicians in their auditions!

The hard work these musicians put into making Districts must be acknowledged. Beyond participating in LCA’s music program for most of their careers and training in Chamber Singers, our vocalists trained for weeks preparing explicitly for the audition; hours of practicing the audition piece The Turtle Dove by R. Vaughan Williams and training to read sight music resulted in a successful outcome. Even on audition day, the vocalists spent their journey as well as their downtime serenading their chaperones.

While the music that will be performed in Districts is yet to be announced, it will certainly be filled with a wide range of brilliantly composed pieces; for a sense of the type of music performed, a full repertoire of previously performed pieces can be found here. Once again, congratulations to our vocalists!