Petition for Dorm Study Hall Privileges

By the LCA Dorm Council

Dear Dr. Winsor and Mrs. Torjesen,

We are writing to appeal for an extension of academic privilege from LCA main campus to the North Campus. The extended privilege would render us as students freedom in our daily schedule and chances to develop our time management skills. More importantly, benefits of the extended privilege are not only limited to us, students with privilege at the dorm, but also to other students at the dorm and the staff in multiple ways.

Except for seniors and members of the dorm council, students with privileges at the dorm are required to go to study halls during study hours in the dorm. This new rule was added to the student hand book last year at the end of October. In previous years, students with privileges were only required to sign in at the desk at 7:30 pm for study hall, and then we were permitted to study in any area of our own preference in the dorm, including our rooms. Thanks to the fact that most of us living at the dorm have single rooms, we have ideal study spaces where we are able to focus and study without interruption. The new study hall policies, however, have created a significant change from this past system, and please allow me to elaborate.

We understand the positive intentions of forced study halls. As we are required to go to study halls, we can study under the supervisions of adults, have our questions answered as soon as possible, and be prepared for the next day’s classes. However, for students already with privileges at the main campus, we should have earned the well-deserved trust for ourselves through our excellence in academic performance, and the dorm should trust that we are able to study well in our own rooms individually, just as all faculties at LCA trust all LCA students with privileges, no matter day students or boarding students, that they will make the best use of their time in the library without direct supervision. It is always encouraging for us to know that we are trusted by adults; as our confidence levels boost up, a positive cycle will be created for us to perform better and better. In addition, as international students, we are required to take standardized tests like the TOEFL for college entrance. The TOEFL is a four-hour long examination that is for international students only. Study hall privileges would give us a more flexible schedule to accommodate mock tests into our weekday routines which is extremely helpful regarding the increased competition among international students from year to year. Being able to study efficiently and independently will also prepare us for our future adventures in college where we will no longer depend on adult supervision to study. Instead, we study for ourselves, and this is the gift that LCA, a college preparatory school, can give all students.

The extension of privileges from the main campus to the North Campus in fact benefits everyone in the dorm by creating a better environment to focus and study. For middle schoolers, living in the dorm is usually a challenging experience, and, if students with privileges study in their own rooms, the middle schoolers will get more attention from dorm parents so we can make sure all their questions are solved and they are doing well in school both physically and mentally. For students without privileges, the extended privilege will provide them a quieter place to study since fewer students are using the study hall rooms. They can be more focused on their work, and hopefully, the extended privileges would at the same time be their motivation to be on the privilege list in the next quarter. For students with privileges, in addition to the encouraged feeling of being trusted and chances to develop their time management skills, we now have the choice to study in our own rooms or work on a group project in a small study hall room. Currently, with all students except for seniors being forced to go to study halls, it is almost impossible to get an empty room for group work if one does not fight for it.

In light of these facts, we would like to formally request that you please reconsider the privileges system at the dorm. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this petition, and we look forward to hearing back from you.

LCA Dorm Council