Art Editorial: A Look into Visual Art at LCA

May 1, 2018

By Olivia Wang ’20

Photo by Isabella DeSouza, Photography and Media Director. Pictured: Mikayla Cravens ’18.

Visual art is like a quiet assassin; it is not loud or audacious, but it affects a part of everyday life whether we realize it or not. Especially in an environment like LCA, art surrounds us in the hallways and classrooms. We tend to pass by them without thought, but behind a nice image is the work put into it.

If you have never been to the art room before, it is a space where one can separate themselves from the stress of academics. It is where one can create anything their imagination can visually think up. The art classes you can take as an elective at LCA are not like regular classes because you get to have the freedom to draw, paint, mold, and much more. We learn in the class by creating, which is an important way to learn that is not always used in classes like math or history. You get to make something of your own creation, but also see and get inspired by the work of others around you. Creating art is very calming and soothing because you do not have to think vigorously during it. Having art class in the middle of a day lets you hit pause on a busy lifestyle and de-stress. The best part is that what comes out of it is a beautiful art piece, and possibly color-filled hands that reflect the joy of creating. 

If making art is not your specialty, just admiring art that others have made is a great way to feel amazed by the amount of detail an artist invests in their work. Artsfest, which is coming up, is a great place to see exhibitions of great artwork made by students, along with theatre acts and singing.

I highly recommend taking a visit to the art room if you ever get the chance and just make something. Separate yourself from schoolwork for a little bit, and let your imagination be the limit.