Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures

By Kristina Esserian, World Junior Divison Head.

Who is Steve McCurry?

Steve McCurry, born on February 24, 1950, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an American photographer, freelancer, and photojournalist. After McCurry graduated from the College of Arts and Architecture at Pennsylvania State, he visited several countries such as India, Iraq, Cambodia, and Afghanistan. Through his many excursions, McCurry gained more interest in taking photographs that embodied and deepened understanding of the regions he was in. One of his most notable works is the photo called the “Afghan Ggirl” with vivid green eyes, which most often appears on the cover of National geographic. This may sound familiar since it is hung up in our front lobby! 

Why Do We Have These Photos Here at LCA?

We have the privilege of admiring many of these beautiful photos here at LCA. In fact we have a whole wall dedicated to Steve McCurry’s photographs, and you may be wondering how we got them! 

Mr.V, one of our skilled artists here at LCA, was able to bring these photos to us, through some extremely special connections. In fact, the relation was that one of Steve McCurry’s sisters, Bonnie McCurry V’Soske was previously involved with LCA. She worked for an entire 17 years as a 6th grade teacher, and her son later attended as well! If it hadn’t been for the memorable time they experienced here at LCA, then we may have never received such valuable and exquisite pieces of art! 

Although Bonnie is Steve’s younger sister, she manages and organizes almost all of his work. She, along with her brother, has travelled to third world countries to teach women how to take photographs. One of the 4 books she wrote about Steve has also been displayed in the lobby, and contains beautiful photos with detailed descriptions. Here is a brief summary of her (and her roles) from that very book!

“Bonnie McCurry is Steve McCurry’s sister and is president of Steve McCurry Studios and director of ImagineAsia, a non-profit organization primarily working in Afghanistan. During her trips to Afghanistan she has taught English to high school girls, supported numerous educational initiatives, and founded the Young Women’s Photographic Initiative.” Steve McCurry: A Life In Pictures

Mr. V’s hard work in facilitating us receiving these beautiful photographs is greatly appreciated and certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. We not only merely view these pieces as artwork, but have the opportunity to study them even closer in some of our classes. This is very special since these photos are usually not shared with corporations and schools, but are generally found in museums or exhibits. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to reflect upon these vibrant and enlightening photos because they will sadly be gone by Monday. Below are some photos from the gallery currently on display here at LCA.