Climate Strike 2019: LCA’s Participation

By Serenity Beaumont, Spiritual Life Division Head

During the past month, young environmentalist Greta Thunberg ushered a global effort to bring awareness to environmental issues through the Climate Strike 2019. Last week, LCA participated in this nationwide climate strike intended to promote awareness about how to adequately sustain and better the nature which God has placed us in. The student body was able to participate in a couple of ways: by 

  • wearing green
  • tracing handprints enclosed with a mindful environmental message
  • being silent for the first three blocks of the day. 

Many students enthusiastically wore green attire to support the strike such as Isaac Picariello’s classy evergreen blazer or Perry Pesiridis’ majestic lime green cape.

Photo by Mr. Lane. Pictured: Perry Pesiridis.
Photo by Mrs. Hashem. Pictured: Isaac Picariello.

Other students wrote thoughtful messages on their hands. On posters, they wrote their inspiration for partaking in the LCA climate strike. Students also wrote their hopes for the future of the environment.

Photo by Mrs. Hashem
Photo by Mrs. Hashem

Finally, some students had the chance to participate in a time of silence to draw attention to the importance of being good stewards of God’s creation. As we could not join the climate strike in Washington, students were able to display their consideration through their bold decision to keep silent. As Ms. OW stated for the LCA community, being silent is naturally a tough task; however, it is also a “venerable Christian tradition.” It allows us to “open ourselves to the still, small voice of God, and it helps by not actively contributing to the distracting noise.”

Our hope moving forward is that the LCA community can maintain an attitude of environmental awareness and keep adopting policies to support Thunberg’s efforts and to take care of God’s wonderful creation.