A Look Back at LCA’s Community Day

By Katrina Schell, Performing Arts Division Head. Photos by Chip VanderBrug and Shea O’Brien, Photography and Media Director. Slideshow photos by Isaac Milton.

An experimental idea, LCA experienced its first Community Day last Wednesday. After a restful late start, the day began with Dr. Carol Kaminski, who presented her overview of the Bible known as CASKET EMPTY.

During this community chapel, the student body followed the narrative of the Bible from a bird’s-eye view, as well as challenging their views on God’s role throughout the Bible. Dr. Kaminski demonstrated the continuity of God’s love—rather than a vengeful God in the Old Testament changed by Christ—by showing His presence throughout CASKET EMPTY.

After Dr. Kaminski’s enlightening presentation, the entire LCA student body participated in Field Day, separated into teams including middle and upper school students. Field day was truly a wonderfully organized community event, and jam-packed with memories from the tug-of-war rope snapping on the first try, to pictures with king Fraser, to generously-donated Abbott’s Frozen Custard. Field day was a time to be happy, and the stress of school melted away on the Ware Fields. 

Following field day, the LCA community was able to be part of a performance by Christian rapper Caleb “Oakboy” Mccoy which was a high energy way to end the day. Thank you to Mr. Lane, Mr. Greco, and everyone else involved in making community day a success!