Diversified Worship: LCA’s Calvin Worship Grant

By Caleb Hong, Spiritual Life Division Head.

Every day two, LCA has chapel right after break. It’s mandatory and built into everyone’s schedule. As a Christian school, we have Bible classes to study our faith in an academic setting and chapel to deepen our spiritual understanding.

But let’s be honest. We all have those days when we just don’t want to go to chapel, or the message doesn’t quite resonate with us, or the songs seem to lack a little something. After all, even Mr. Lane admits that “although my messages are very engaging and enlightening, they’re not exactly the first thing people look forward to in the week.” Well, all of that is about to change.

What if I told you that there would be a rap concert at chapel? Or an art show? Or a play? This year, we have a special opportunity presented to us by the Vital Worship Grant. The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship distributes these grants to allow churches, schools, and other worshipping communities to explore and integrate worship in their respective communities. It’s a great honor to receive the Vital Worship Grant which has enabled many churches and institutions to explore and diversify their own worship experiences. Past grants have been given to schools such as Baylor University, Belmont University, and Seattle Pacific University. The grant application was submitted by Mr. Greco and lasts for the entire 2019-2020 school year. This year, as a result of this grant, LCA will be inviting a plethora of unique artists in a variety of disciplines — rap, visual arts, dance, theatre — as well a couple theologians, to help us delve deep into the rich wisdom tradition of the Proverbs. These guests will “model for us different forms and aspects of Christian worship and communicating about the Bible,” according to Mr. Lane.

This is all part of looking for new ways to engage students and faculty in the chapel and spiritual life experience. According to Mr. Greco, “Instead of something that we have to go to, we want chapel to be an event that both students and teachers look forward to as the highlight of their week.” The grant also facilitates a broader inclusion of different faith traditions and the diversification of the Christian culture of our school. Each artist and speaker will bring with them a new perspective, a new lens to interpret the Bible, and a new way to include our students in the chapel experience.

So get ready to have some fun and exciting times this year. You’ll get a chapel experience like never before!