Got Stress? Introducing Mrs. Kiers

By Eileen Flaherty, Student Life Division Head. Photo by Hannah MacDonald, Global Issues Division Head. Pictured: Mrs. Kiers, Student Counselor, and Amy Palmer, PIG Prefect ’20.

This year, LCA inducted a lot of new faculty and staff to the community. Of this great group of people, there is one person in particular whose goal is to guide and counsel students throughout their year(s) at LCA. This person is Mrs. Kiers– LCA’s new school counselor. 

The Blue and White has written before about the high-stress levels our students face, and it can be extremely difficult to find places to go to talk through our tension and anxiety. This year, LCA is responding to student needs and providing Mrs. Kiers as a resource. Kiers is a lively, kind, and helpful person who wants the students at LCA to not let stress or school get in the way of their mental health. LCA is so lucky to welcome such a great asset to our community!

Kiers grew up in Florida and went to Taylor University, where she was initially a theatre major. She says that one of her professors helped her navigate what she wanted to do, and she changed her major to social work. After she moved into this field, she realized she loved working with kids/students and wanted to be a consistent part of their lives.

Kiers’ qualifications are unique as she is an important support for the LCA community. Kiers told The Blue and White that she has her master’s degree in social work and has worked for about three years as a school counselor in other schools. She also told us that she is working towards getting her clinical licensure for social work which takes a lot of time. Most importantly, she said that one of the main things she does when students come to talk to her is “decipher whether students need additional support beyond [her] expertise and licensing.”

 Kiers also told The Blue and White that she was excited to counsel in a Christian school because she previously worked at a public school, and, while she liked it, she felt that she could not talk as confidently about God and how he can help in times of trouble.

Kiers wants to connect with the LCA students more, so one of the ways she is accomplishing this is by having a coffee time option for students who want to chat and relax and get to know her better! There are signups on her door (her office is located where Mr. Lane’s old office was), and she has coffee or tea for whoever wants to relax and talk with her! So if you want to get to know her better, this is a fantastic opportunity to do so.

Now for the most essential part– when/where to find Kiers. First, Kiers does not come in until 9:00 every day. She told the Blue and White that Day 1 is her best day as she is not teaching any additional classes. She also stays after school for 7th period, so she is available all day! See her schedule below to help find a time to meet her!

Mrs. Kiers’ schedule

LCA is so lucky and happy to have Keirs in our community! It is very important that she is here because school can be stressful. Everybody experiences stress at school– students, athletes, and performers know that sometimes the anxiety gets the best of us. Mrs. Kiers is trained and certified in helping students cope with the high-stress levels and pressures of academic and social life.

Please pop in and say hi to her, or if you need help with anything, please talk to her. She is a fantastic resource!