Letter From the Editors: A New Academic Year

By the Editors-in-Chief, Greta Risgin and Isabella Lahoue

Dear Readers,

The first day approaches once again and as the year begins, we look forward to the continuing opportunity to share the student voice through The Blue and White. Our hope for the year is that it is one of both inspiration and student empowerment — even more so than in the two years that we’ve been in business. 

As students crawl back into the day-to-day of classes and sports, readjust sleep schedules, and pack our bags with the tools for academic success, The Blue and White editors return to the press to continue our mission to embolden the LCA student voice. 

As always we want to personally invite students to boldly submit work for review and perhaps apply for a staff position. Our senior editors will each be on the lookout for an underclassmen to take his/her place this year. If you find yourself passionate for independent journalism, consider reaching out and joining the family. 

It is our earnest hope that the work we set out to achieve has profited our audience — that we have inspired students to delve into the world of journalism, to take an interest in the restless chaos of the world around us and its media coverage. Here’s to another year of The Blue and White!