Letter From the Editors: End of Year Farewell

By the Editors-in-Chief, Greta Risgin, and Isabella Lahoue

Dear Reader,

Perhaps the most anticipated time for our student body is almost upon us. The days of school left in our calendar are numbered and the release of June has almost arrived. As always, our editors will be packing up their typewriters and printing presses and putting them to rest for the long summer months in favor of beach towels and flip-flops. We hope you to take these three months to rest as well.

Without you, dear reader, the newspaper would be nothing, and we cannot thank you enough for continuing to read the news we put out. We’ve managed to release twice as many articles as our last year, and it is all thanks to our readers coming back for more. Thank you.

Summer will not last forever, and in a few months time, the Editors Board will return with the changing of the leaves. We will dust off our typewriters and printing presses and get right back to clacking away at new articles and headlines. For now, though, it is a time to rest. Rest for the press and for you, avid reader. Shalom.

See you in September