The Returning Arts: LCA’s 2019-20 Arts Program

By Katrina Schell, Performing Arts Division Head. Pictured: LCA Chambers Singers, Broadway Follies 2018.

Romantic comedy, political tragedy, and daring originality!

-Mr. Greco

Welcome back, LCA! Another school year, another exciting schedule for the arts! Kicking off this year is the Chamber Singers’ Broadway Follies performance on November 2. Each year, Broadway Follies delivers a wonderful celebration of our talented singers’ vocal ability, all while paying tribute to modern and classic Broadway hits. Admission is free; however, a paid reception beforehand offers food and drink, and the proceeds from this reception will go towards the Chambers tour in the Spring!

Following Broadway Follies is the middle school Fall Play on November 15. This year, they will perform The Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare. One of the Bard’s earlier comedies, The Two Gentlemen of Verona deals with the conflict of friendship and love. Filled with twists, turns, and pure comedy, you will not want to miss the middle schoolers’ performance.

As a grand finalé to the first semester, Chorale, Chamber Singers, Middle School Chorus, Wind Ensemble, and various chamber ensembles will perform in the annual Christmas Concert. On Wednesday, December 18, the entire community will gather to see the semester-long progress of our instrumentalists and vocalists, a very fond farewell to first semester, and a joyous greeting to Christmas break.

After returning to LCA for second semester, the academy will not wait long before the upper school Winter Play, premiering on February 21; this year, the play is an original work written by resident playwright, Trina Schell. Under the theme And Then There Was Light, this production is guaranteed to challenge the audience’s worldview, even the very nature of how we see theatrical performances.

Reappearing once again before the end of the school year, the Christmas Concert lineup will present their progress, performing in the Spring Concert in April. This concert serves as one of the last opportunities for the LCA community to gather and support the entirety of our musical program. Directly after this concert, the Chamber Singers will depart for their Spring Tour in Washington, D.C. There, they will perform a plethora of songs throughout the city, as well as enjoy a wonderful experience in our nation’s capital. And stealing the Declaration of Independence? Stay tuned.

Flash forward to May, the schedule from last year will be changed. Last year, the academy experienced ArtsWeek, a week long celebration of visual and performing arts that showcased every branch of LCA’s creativity. This year, much like the schedule of two years ago, the LCA community will see ArtsFest. ArtsFest will include the range of performances that ArtsWeek allowed; however, this will all be condensed into one night. In contrast to the Christmas and Spring concerts, ArtsFest is a contemporary night, presenting original dramatic works and pop culture songs by both instrumental and vocal musicians. ArtsFest will also be the last chance to send off our seniors, a final bow on their LCA career.

The final performance of the year will be the Spring play, Julius Caesar. A night full of backstabbing, revenge, and intrigue, Julius Caesar will showcase the fantastic performing ability of our upper schoolers and conclude the theater season on May 2.

On the whole, the 2019-2020 LCA performing arts schedule is jam-packed with creativity, fun, and community. Cannot wait to embark on this year’s artistic journey!

Performance Calendar

Broadway Follies, November 2

Two Gentlemen of Verona, November 15

Christmas Concert, December 18

And Then There Was Light… February 21

Julius Caesar, May 2

Mark your calendars!