Cadence Update

By Eileen Flaherty, Student Life Division Head

Since Isabella Lahoue reported on the comeback of the Cadence in the end of 2018, many improvements and exciting things have happened! As Lahoue discussed in her article, Cadence sort of disappeared from LCA, but, as Lauhoue stated, “Ms. Lefroy and Ms. Lujan have taken over the publication for this year”, and, the Blue and White is happy to report that they are doing a stellar job! Many people are unfamiliar with Cadence– what the process of submitting a piece is, how you get into Cadence, and when it gets published, so the Blue and White is here to shed some more light on our student literary magazine.

Since its revival, members of Cadence have meetings one to three times a month after school to discuss the latest updates on Cadence. Members of Cadence examine the prose, poetry, videos, and creative content that has been submitted (members read the submissions anonymously), make comments, and discuss with the Cadence board about the submitted piece. If the board finds the submission to be interesting and a good addition to the latest edition of Cadence, a member of Cadence will send the student an email letting them know that their piece has been submitted.

    In order to get an inside look at Cadence’s recent operations, the Blue and White spoke with co-editor in chief of Cadence, junior Stella Feng. Feng told us about her role at Cadence, saying that she “review[s] visual submissions and [does] some layout design and occasionally posters.” Along with that, Feng also “offer[s] options on writing pieces and [does] some editing works with the authors.” Lastly, Feng told us what she loves most about Cadence. She says that the special part of it is that “as a magazine with [a] long history [at] LCA, it’s always exploring new ways to present student’s work.” Feng also described the growth of the Cadence club, describing that “two years ago, [Cadence] first introduced visual work submission[s], which now [has] become a huge part of [the club].” And that for every issue of Cadence, “[the magazine] will always bring something different and exciting.” After the Blue and White interviewed Feng, it is evident that Cadence has a lot of rich LCA history and new fun and exciting things to come.

Right now, Cadence is assembling its Summer Edition. Submission are closed for this year, but members of Cadence hope that students will submit lots of exciting work when Cadence reopens again next fall. Something that is exciting is that, this year, Cadence will be published in color, so readers can experience the artwork in its original form. Feng has been coming up with some incredible ideas for the cover of the Summer Edition of Cadence that will catch everyone’s eye. There are some very creative people on Cadence who have a lot to offer the school!

With that being said, make sure that, when the Summer Edition of Cadence is published, you consider purchasing a copy! This year, because the magazines are in color, they will not be free, but they will be well worth the money! If you want a small copy, they are $7, and a large copy is $14. Students whose work is featured in this edition of Cadence will receive a free copy. Also, if you are interested in joining Cadence next year and are in 8th grade or above, come and talk to Ms. Lujan or Ms. Lefroy!