The Cadence Comeback

By Isabella Lahoue, Editor-in-Chief. 

The Cadence, LCA’s own creative and literary magazine, has been revived since its brief disbandment and uncertainty after last year. Ms. Lefroy and Ms. Lujan have taken over the publication for this year and — despite the disappearance of club block — plan to continue to offer artists and poets a chance to share their creative work with peers. The upcoming edition of Cadence will be Christmas-themed, but the the spring feature will be open to submissions of prose, poetry, videos, and creative content of no particular theme. This year there will be the traditional Cadence booklet with photos and poetry. For those interested in taking part in the selection process, the Cadence editor’s board has seats for anyone in eighth grade or above with a keen interest in reading and selecting student-generated texts, or designing and refining the visual aspects of this project. The Christmas edition will be distributed at the Winter Concert… get excited!