Countdown to Broadway Follies: Two Days to Go

By Katrina Schell, Performing Arts Division Head

Two Days Before:

We all know that Chamber Singers is a very strong group of singers. Not only can they survive and thrive for group numbers, but they stand their ground in solos and group numbers. If you have attended Broadway Follies in the past, you know that nearly every number has been exceptional; this year is no different. Even the underclassmen are stepping up and exceeding expectations.

Today was no big struggle. Mrs. Bulger is continuing to seize Chorale class blocks for BroFo staging, but everything is really coming together. At this stage, the group numbers have moved beyond the tedious step of nitpicking and the singers are really embracing the moment. Finally, we get to create a show! As individual rehearsals rage to the late hours of the night and the clock continues ticking, we will see how everyone holds up under the pressure.

Stress level: Suspiciously low
Mrs. Bulger’s Mood Meter: Relatively relaxed