Countdown to Broadway Follies: One Day to Go

By Katrina Schell, Performing Arts Division Head. Photo by Shea O’Brien, Photography and Media Director.

One Day Before:

As school wound down on theoretical Friday, the entire student body looked forward to a much-needed long weekend. Unless you are a Chamber Singer, of course. Instead of theoretical Friday, Thursday was just a plain old Thursday. Today, the singers attended a five-hour tech rehearsal to put everything together and decide who made the cut. Microphones were coordinated, every song was run through twice, and this time the tech rehearsal lived up to its name.

What is it like coming into LCA at 8am for a five-hour singing rehearsal? Long. Unlike the side risers of last year, the upstage chairs have returned, meaning that even if you are not singing, you are still a part of the show. Every moment, every singer is on their guard. Not to mention the wrath they will face from Garrett Traer and Mrs. Bulger if they miss a cue. The only downtime was a nine-minute break after the first run-through; after that, the show was back in full swing.

Even though it was a long day, the work put in was not wasted. Running through the whole show in one sitting not only made sure that everything worked, but it also eased a bit of pre-show anxiety. Now, the singers know what mic they are wearing, whom to give it to when they are done, when they will come onstage, and what their transitions are. Although there is a high possibility of something going wrong on Saturday, that chance was lowered slightly today. Everyone has worked harder for this production more than any other in the past.

Stress level: Varying (casually low to extremely high)
Mrs. Bulger’s Mood Meter: “Where are all my singers?! Nobody backstage!”