Countdown to Broadway Follies: Three Days to Go

By Katrina Schell, Performing Arts Division Head

Three Days Before:

Tech Rehearsal! For those of you unfamiliar with show business, this means a complete run-through of every part of the show with lighting and sound. Everything is nearly perfect, and the rehearsal is just polishing off a few rough edges. Unless you are in Chamber Singers, in which case Tech Rehearsal means struggling through the first half of the show while blinding lights flash all around you. The individual pieces are all beautiful and amazing, and the work each singer put in is clear, but now comes the hard part of putting everything together.

Even amidst the chaos, my hat goes off to Mrs. Bulger. Rather than simply tossing together a few songs that most people assume were probably Broadway, she has been arranging the songs to create a story, one in which hearts are broken and dreams come true. It is not required of the audience to recognize the context of each song; Mrs. Bulger will create a new meaning for them.

Now is the time for the singers to pull it together just enough for Mrs. Bulger’s vision to become a reality.

Stress level: Very high
Mrs. Bulger’s Mood Meter: “I have no energy”