Worship and Devotion

By Caleb Hong, Spiritual Life Division Head.

So in assembly on Tuesday, Harley talked about how we worship here at LCA, the culture, our attitudes, and maybe our fears that are entailed during chapel. But I want to go even deeper than that. So my question to you is two parts: What is worship? And what does worship mean to you?

I know that, for me, worship is something that is very dear to me heart; it connects me to God. It hit me when I had a breakthrough moment where I realized that worship is the act of complete surrender. It’s more than the songs that are sung in church and chapel; it’s more than what we consider to be “church stuff”. It’s everything that we do: our schoolwork, our interactions with others, everything from our most private moment to the act of highest devotion; it’s all worship. So I encourage you to examine yourselves and ask “what am I willing to give to God?”

What does worship mean to you? Is it fun? I should hope so. Is it boring? Why? Be blunt with yourself. For the longest time, worship was incredibly boring because it was something I resented and didn’t want to do. It was simply a waste of my time. I feel that for many of us, chapel is waste of time that could be a study or something. But if we work together to create a chapel atmosphere that is not dead, but alive and Spirit-filled, I think that it will have a dynamic impact on how we experience chapel. So I encourage you to try and give your all into worship. Let’s work together to create a lively and uplifting time of worship.

Let’s all have some fun!