Field Day Fun!

By Eileen Flaherty, Student Life Division Head. Photo by Shea O’Brien, Photography and Media Division Head.

On Friday, October 5th, all members of LCA headed outside to the fields to compete with their peers to see who could claim the crown for the 2018 field day. Everybody was involved: students, faculty, staff, and parents. Seeing all parts of the school having fun playing games and competing with other teams was refreshing. Everybody had a blast interacting with different members of the school.

None of this would have been able to happen if it were not for Mr. Lane. He worked diligently alongside the HOW (Helping Our World) Board to create an exciting, safe, and memorable day for the school. He says that he wanted field day to be a “fun, unifying event to start the year as a school.” Furthermore, he emphasizes that “we work hard at LCA, and I think it is important also to spend time intentionally having fun together.” It is safe to say that these goals were achieved.

Many people had different parts of the day that they liked the most; some members of team Nies said their favorite part of the day was skipping with the egg on a spoon, whereas members of team Lefroy had a blast playing reverse charades. Mr. Lane’s favorite part of the day did not take place on the fields, but in the Cross Center when “all the teams stood together by their team leaders and banners and King Fraser came to the stage to offer his challenge.” He said that he “really enjoyed the theatrics of it all.”

All fun and games aside, the core of field day was the partnership with the HOW board to collect food items for those recently affected by the gas outings in Lawrence and Andover. Not only did the HOW board make the event a fun, interactive day among the community, but also an event that had a more significant impact and moved us outside just ourselves. Mr. Lane holds that “The HOW board brought a lot of energy and effort into the day as they inspired our students to not only create a meaningful day for ourselves but also to make an impact in serving our greater community.” It was incredibly eye-opening and exciting to see team boxes overflowing with food items for those affected by the gas outings. Not only did that show how much the student body wanted to participate in the competition, but it also demonstrated how much they truly wanted to help those who were affected in parts of Massachusetts.

Since field day was such a fun, unifying event, Mr. Lane is going to be bringing it back in the Spring of 2019! He says that “we [members of the school] will build on this event and take it even farther..” He furthers his claim and hints that for the Spring field day, “[there will be] new games, more theatrics, a new promo video and more ways to make shared experiences for everyone at LCA together.” The next field day sounds like it is going to be even better than our previous one, so get on your armor and get prepared and excited to compete in the upcoming field day.