One for the All-Stars: Reg Henley

By Greta Risgin, Editor-in-Chief

As with any school, Lexington Christian Academy has an ebb and flow to its occupants as fresh faces enter for the first time, and seniors leave for perhaps their last. Even though LCA has many students long since graduated, their actions and character here have lasted through time and memory. Reginald Henley, class of 1969, is one such alumnus of LCA. Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 11.18.32 PM

Reginald “Reggie” Henley tragically passed away in early September, but in times like these, it is better to look back with fond remembrance of happy days gone by than to dwell on the sorrows of today. Henley came to LCA in 1966, and his few years at LCA left a long-lasting mark in our school. He had a strong passion for basketball, playing the sport through his whole time at LCA. Moreover, Henley served as captain of the basketball team his senior year and was LCA’s first one thousand point scorer. Besides basketball, varsity baseball was another LCA sport Henley excelled in.

Reg Henley was not only an active participant in sports; he was also a pillar in LCA student life as an all-around beloved person. He became class president his senior year and made friendships that lasted his whole life, such as his best friend Paul Rouse ‘68. After he left LCA as a student, he would return many years later to become one of our greatest basketball coaches, even coaching LCA’s former athletic director, Ryan Patrie.

Reg Henley was inducted into the LCA Athletic Hall of Fame in 2010, and his name will appear on our one thousand point banner this December for basketball season. Although Henley may be gone today, but he will live on in LCA’s memory forever as one of the greats.