Year to Slow Down

By Caleb Hong, Spiritual Life Division Head

September is the real new year for Massachusetts. The college students and teachers come in and Boston is once again bustling with people who are busy doing their own thing. We have tons of homework and assignments as we adjust to the school schedule and lack of sleep. However, I think it is important that we take time to slow down, examine ourselves, and be aware of those around us. Oftentimes we lose sight of our purpose and forget the things that really matter. As Mr. Pothier and Mr. Scaro said, “Jesus does not care about your grades or where you go to college, but he does care about you.” We are so caught up in everything that we have to do, that we sometimes forget to help those around us or realize that we have mistaken the tree for the forest. In Matthew 22:39 it says “ you shall love your neighbor as yourself”. I really hope that we go from a mindset of we HAVE to do this for God, or we HAVE to be kind to others, to the I WANT to do these things because I love others and God.

So this week’s challenge is simple. Find five minutes (shouldn’t be too hard) to revalidate and look at your goal. What are you living for? And find a moment to notice the people around you and the challenges they face.