New Year, New Plans

By Caleb Hong, Spiritual Life Division Head

As all of you know, Mr. Lane has stepped up as Chapel Coordinator and speaker for the 2018-19 school year. As such I have taken the liberty of asking him a few questions about his vision and goals.

Q: What is your vision for the school in the coming year?

A: My vision for the school in the coming year is to do my part to foster a community where students continue to have a great experience. I want LCA to continue to be a place where students feel known, feel safe to explore the deep questions and have fun along the way. A lot of what I hope to accomplish will come through finding different spaces in the normal life at school to have fun and build connections between the various members of our community. This year we will also be having some field days and school-wide themed parties throughout the school year to have some fun shared experiences to build connections across the student body.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish or change through chapel?

A: This year I hope that we continue to keep the same spirit of unity and passion that we have had in chapel in my time here. I will also be looking to continue to find ways to use as many of the gifts and talents that we have here in the LCA community to participate in chapel. This might include drama, live art, dance. We want to find ways to incorporate as many people as possible. We will have two themes this year for chapel. One for the fall and one for the spring. This fall we will begin by thinking about the theme “When God Gives a Gift.” This theme comes from a quote by Bible scholar William Lane (no relation) who was known for saying “When God gives a gift he wraps it in a person.” The hope is that we will all begin to view everyone we encounter as loved by God, as made in the image of God and as purposed as a gift to the world. If we can begin to see the ways that the students and adults in our school are God’s gift to us, I believe that we can create a stronger, more supportive, more united community for us all.

Q: Why did you pick up the role of chapel coordinator and what makes you fit for the role?

I picked up the role of chapel coordinator after Mr. Alexander stepped down this past year. Mr. Alexander has done an excellent job over the past number of years advancing chapel to where it is today. I was asked to take on the role because of my involvement participating in chapel as a speaker in the past few years. I also have experience leading worshipping communities as a pastor, serving two congregations one in Lowell and now one in Cambridge since 2001.
Let’s welcome him into his new role!