Letter From the Editors: Back to School

By the Editors-in-Chief, Greta Risgin and Isabella Lahoue

Dear Readers,

Blowing the dust off of our presses, The Blue and White has reached its reset point. As autumn creeps up behind us in the last glorious moments of summer, we both loathe and admire its return.

The most apparent reminder has been the annual kickoff barbecue, taking place just before LCA’s doors flew open on last week for the official start of the 2018-19 school year. Familiar faces and exciting new ones were drawn back into the building to celebrate the starting of a new academic year. At the same time, we consider it a new social, athletic and creative year as well, in that we are all returning to, or perhaps just arriving at the place we have chosen to pursue our interests for the remaining years of youth.

We expect that this year will bring about change in the best possible way, for the paper, the press, and the people who make it all possible. LCA students look to new opportunities to devote hours to, and The Blue and White would like to invite readers and writers to indulge in our craft by joining our team of creatives or taking part in savoring the fruit of our labor. Look out for upcoming pieces from the Blue and White in this exciting new year.