Letter From the Editors: Summer Send-off

By the Editors-in-Chief, Greta Risgin and Isabella Lahoue

Dear Readers,

It feels like only yesterday that The Blue and White was only a free-floating idea in the minds of our editors-in-chief. So many things have changed in the best possible way since then. We have come such a long way, to place where we actually have our own newspaper, an enthusiastic editing staff, and of course you, our loyal reader.

The Blue and White is so thankful for its readers, for it would never have reached where it is today without you. Although we love to produce new material for you to read, there comes a time for all good things to end. Sadly, this is so for our newspaper as well. Our printing presses will turn cold and the editors will turn to new horizons in the coming summer months. The Blue and White will be closing its doors as tropical winds begin to blow our way.

Fear not, avid reader! For the press cannot stay silent forever, and the newspaper will wake from its slumber to greet you when you return as well. Our homecoming will be in the month of promise and new beginnings, September. The news will be waiting for you, your tanned faces, and your article-hungry eyes once the summer comes to a close and life resumes as normal. Keep your eyes steady on the future for a returning piece to makes its debut when The Blue and White whirs to life once again. Additionally, be on the lookout for our relaunch social next fall, of which more details are to come. Thank you for the best year the newspaper has ever had, and we cannot wait to rekindle the flame of our writing next year.

See you in September,

The Editors
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