Learning from Our Predecessors: CHS Brunch

By Greta Risgin and Isabella Lahoue, Editors-in-Chief. Photos by Isaac Milton. Pictured left to right: Isabella Lahoue ‘20, Greta Risgin ‘20, Joe Fitzgerald ‘62, Jillian Stevens ‘20.

The Christian High School brunch that was held for alumni of the precursor to LCA last week highlighted the humble beginnings of the school and celebrated its first students. A few of our editors got a chance to speak with the once students, now jaded adults looking fondly back on their time at CHS. The editors heard many stories of sports wins, classroom escapades, and a lot of life advice, some of which will be shared again because that is the legacy that CHS has left, sharing knowledge and lighting the way for future generations.

One of the many things these former students chose to tell us was how the school hadn’t 2P9A1506.JPGalways resided at 48 Bartlett, a building they described as “a palace”. Before the current residence of the school, Christian High School lived at 20 Garden Street in Cambridge. The seniors laughed as they remembered how they didn’t have a gym at school, and would have to ride the rails to Buckingham Browne & Nichols, then just Browne and Nichols, to use their gym. Another alumnus chuckled as he told the editors how sometimes the train would be “delayed” on the way back to school, and they would all head over to a sandwich shop in Harvard Square. One alumnus told our editors how, although a lot had changed, he felt as though we all came from the same root. The alumni enjoyed their time in the LCA library seeing the new home of CHS. Even though the high school has changed names and locations, the alumni still felt like Christian High has continued its original dream here in Lexington.

Another topic kept lively in the room besides the inside jokes that had lasted the years, was how much CHS had impacted their lives because of its Christian education. Our editors were surprised at how each and every alumnus talked at length about how CHS had grown their faith. Their eyes would seem a little far off as they remembered their high school days. Betty Joy Fragerson, a graduate of the original class of 1950, smiled when telling us how excited she was to go to a high school with all Christian kids. Another alumnus laughed when we asked him if he got into trouble because he played in2p9a1499.jpg the chapel band for fun. The alumni were an inspiration and a source of wisdom for our editors, and hopefully for our readers, as they talked to us on how CHS had taught them things that would become a base for their lives, and how LCA would do the same for us.

Although many of the physical memories of Christian High School have faded away as the school morphed into Lexington Christian Academy, the mission and heart behind the institution has stayed the same. Our editors saw themselves in the alumni, through their high school stories, and the alumni told s they saw themselves in us. If there is any one thing that the alumni gave us that The Blue and White thinks our readers can take away it is this: CHS lives on in LCA, it lives on through our faith, through our crazy high school antics, and through the school’s mission: lighting the way for future generations to learn and grow.