LCA’s Athletic Legacy: An Interview with Alumni Athlete, Glen Schuhmacher

By Jillian Stevens, Sports Division Head

At LCA’s recent alumni brunch, I had the pleasure of interviewing Glen Schuhmacher who graduated from Christian High School in 1962. Mr. Shumacher was on the 1962 basketball team that won that year’s championship. I learned all about his time at Christian High and listened to the advice he offered current LCA athletes. I really enjoyed hearing his story from his time playing high school athletics, and I hope you enjoy hearing from him as well in the excerpts I’ve included from our interview below:

Q: So your team won the championship? Tell me about that.

A: We won it in 61’ and then we thought “that was it.” We had the team, the good players, the best players were in those years, and then they graduated. So we thought that was it. But then in 62’ we won it again! And it was real thrill. The first year we were 21 and 2, and the second year were 19 and 5. It was tremendous; it was a real blessing. We were so pleased to win the first year and then to win it the second year; it was just unheard of. There were only 25 guys eligible for basketball in the school, so we were really really pleased. I talked with Frank Raymond two days ago who was the “star player.” He only played his senior year because he had just joined the school, and he was glad to hear there’s something going on at the school this week.

Q: Do you remember anything about the championship game?

A: Oh yeah, Frank came and scored the first thirteen points. The score was thirteen to zero before they called the first timeout. He just came down the court, and he was electric. It was a really good game. He played very well, he and Ken Kyle. Ken was a super player. All three of us were in the same class together, the class of 62’. Ken played a very good game as usual, every game was a good game for Ken, but this one was clearly won by Frank Raymond.

Q: It sounds like your class had a lot of really good athletes in it.

A: Well, yeah, twenty-five kids eligible for basketball in the high school, but there were only 25 in my class.

Q: Who was the last game against?

A: It was against Littleton, played at Brandeis University.

Q: Do you have any advice for LCA athletes now that you learned from your time playing sports at Christian High School?

A: Yeah, play your best; that’s all you can do. It’s a great opportunity, and it has a real bonding effect for you, as it did for all of us.

LCA has a long legacy of star athletes playing their hardest, and it was great to get a chance to talk about some of that with Schuhmacher. We hope to do his team’s memory proud!