Meet Your Class of ’19 Prefects!

By Eileen Flaherty, Student Life Division Head.

Pictured left to right, top row: Ben Mollenhauer: Athletics Prefect, Katie Norman: Chorale Prefect, Daniel Gattineri: All School Prefect, Irmee Rojas: Multicultural Prefect, Mariah Walter: H.O.W. Prefect, and Anne Bennett: Activities Prefect. Pictured left to right, bottom row: Tracy Yang: Arts Prefect, Emily Zhou: Residential Life Prefect, Harley Rusk: Chaplain, Noah Levitz: Academics Prefect, and Julia Incampo: P.I.G. Prefect.

Welcome back to school, everybody! It is hard to believe that we are already back in full swing, but, believe it, because we are! This year is already off to a fantastic start. This year will only get better from here! Many changes have happened and are happening in the LCA community: Ms. Metzger was named as the new head of school, Mr. Lane is the new Director of Student Life, and so much more!

Something extraordinary about this year is our great selection of school prefects! The prefects all serve very different and vital positions in the school, which can overall help us to grow closer together as a student body. Although the prefects have already been introduced to the school, the staff here at The Blue and White wanted to construct an article to help us all get to know the prefects better. Here are the prefects’ responses to questions our newspaper staff had for them:

Why did they want to become prefects?

For the most part, the responses were somewhat similar. Athletics prefect Ben Mollenhauer says he wants to take this prefect role because he “wanted to join a strong group of student leaders for [his] senior year and give back to LCA particularly in the area of athletics.” Helping Our World (HOW) prefect Mariah Walter gave another similar response, saying she wants to be a prefect because “I have been involved with HOW since freshman year and love both leadership and community service.” Peer Issues Group (PIG) prefect, Julia Incampo wants to take this role because she “wanted to get involved with the community and make a difference!” After reviewing all of the prefects’ responses, it is clear that one of their top priorities is honing in on the importance of leadership and fellowship in the LCA community.

What they are most looking forward to this year?

Resident Life prefect Emily Zhou says she is looking forward to “meet[ing] with all the new students and mak[ing] new friends this year. Many changes are happening in the dorm, and they will be good changes.” Irmee Rojas, Multicultural Services prefect says that she is looking forward to “planning the cultural celebrations and dances,” and Chorale prefect Katie Norman is excited to “mak[e] and shar[e] music with the LCA community!” Arts prefect Tracy Yang is looking forward to “bringing fun, art-related activities to the school.” An exciting teaser of a response suggesting great things to come came from the All School prefect, Dan Gattineri who is looking forward to “working with the other prefects and Mr. Lane to get a lot of new and fun traditions going.”

What changes do the prefects want to make in the school, or what current issues do they want to improve upon?

Academics prefect Noah Levtiz hopes that he will “appear as a role model for students which will hopefully improve the community here” and that he is able to “showcase a kind, humble, and intellectual presence which I hope will encourage students to do the same.” Following along with her theme for devotions this year, Chaplain Harley Rusk gave a candid response, saying that “I think the LCA community needs to be more open and honest about our struggles, particularly those relating to faith.” She continues to say that she is “pretty much an open book when it comes to those things, and I will be sharing about things that are sometimes hard for people to talk about, but that need to be talked about.” Anne Bennett, the Activities prefect, followed along with a similar tone, saying she wants “to keep LCA open-minded.”

Now that you know a little more about the prefects, a common theme that appears in all of their responses is their passion and excitement about the school. Many of the prefects’ goals are to keep LCA an open-minded, candid community, where students and faculty are able to safely address issues big and small. The excitement and school spirit they bring to the table are not like anything we’ve seen before. The prefects are going to make this year fantastic!