April Maker Monday – Woodworking with Mr. Talkington

By Isabella Lahoue, Editor-in-Chief. Photo by Isabella Desouza, Photography and Media Director. Pictured left to right: Mr. Talkington, Ariel Hui ’23, Sara Campos ’23, Carolina Lahoue ’23, Celeste Fowler ’23, PJ Griffiths ’22.

This month’s Maker Monday was hosted by Mr. Talkington, the Upper School Director. Students again had the opportunity to learn more about hand tools and were given the chance to create some of their own projects. Mr. Talkington shares his thoughts with us below, and tells us he enjoyed this new experience greatly.

Since last year when Mrs. Chaney and Mr. Wallace built the makerspace, I’ve been wanting to get in the new space to do some woodworking. I had my first woodworking class when I was in 8th grade, and I think it was one of the most rewarding experiences that I had in my middle school years.

Back in September, Mrs. Chaney invited me to lead a Maker Monday, and I’ve been thinking about it. I have been really enjoying using hand tools instead of power tools in my own woodworking, so one of my goals for the Maker Monday was to help students feel comfortable with how to measure a board and how to use a hand saw to make a cut. Then I let the students be free to work on developing their own simple project. It’s been fun to see some of them continue to work on their projects over the past week.

For me, leading this Maker Monday was a very different experience from my normal work. It’s the first time I have had a chance to teach students how to do something with their hands.

There will be one final Maker Monday for the month of May, details coming soon. The MakerSpace is open at many different times during the week, with plenty of projects waiting to be created and products waiting to be designed. Stop by and speak with Mrs. Chaney to learn about all that the MakerSpace has to offer!