Grandfriends and Grandparents Day


By Eileen Flaherty, Student Life Division Head. Photos by Mr. Isaac Milton.

Recently, LCA had some extra visitors. No, I’m not talking about an open house; I’m talking about Grandparents Day! The halls were filled with grandparents or grand-friends invited by different LCA students. Grandparents Day is an excellent opportunity for the students of the LCA community to have time with their grandparents, and for the grandparents to see their grandkids in a different environment than they are used to.

As an LCA student who has had grandparents come on Grandparents Day, I wanted other student perspectives on the day. All the students I spoke with had a similar take: what’s not to like about Grandparents Day? We get to spend time with our Grandparents and friends all at the same time! Jill Stevens said she likes Grandparents Day because “[she] loves spending time with grandparents! I get to show them around my school, and they can meet my teachers and friends and see what I do everyday.” Charlotte Moore shared that her grandfather loved it so much that he sent her a card and some money expressing his love for the day! It’s clear that involving grandparents is a meaningful and fun experience for students of the LCA community.

What do the grandparents of students in the LCA community like about the day? This year’s Grandparents day had 64 grandparents and grand-friends who Mr. Milton, the organizer of this whole event, says “don’t just love their students at LCA, but love our school, too.” Stevens told us, “My grandparents always have a lot of fun coming to my school and seeing what I do.” Grandparents were able to observe their grandchildren’s classes and attend an LCA community chapel, and all seemed to enjoy it. Mr. Milton thinks that “we’d have a revolt if the event was canceled.” Grandparents Day has had some annual visitors, one including Haley Ahern’s grandmother (Susan Mahoney) who has “been here all eight years of the event.” Based on talking to different people in the LCA community, Grandparents value the day in a variety of ways.

Here’s the big question: how on earth does Mr. Milton organize this whole amazing event each year? He says that “most of the work happens before the event. We send out invitations to the people who attended previous years. We then send emails to families and announce to students that their families are invited.” Through doing this, the word rapidly spreads about the event, which can result in more grandparents and grand-friends each year! He also says that we have to “choose and order food for breakfast/lunch, communicate accommodations to our community (parking, seating, library use, classroom visits, etc.), and recruit help for setup.” This event takes teamwork, and simply cannot be done by one person. The whole LCA community comes together to make this day happen.

There has been some thought given to how Grandparents Day will evolve in the next few years. Mr. Milton has an idea that the grandparents would love. Listen up musicians! Next year, Mr. Milton says that “I’d like to work with Mrs. Bulger and Mr. Visconti to have some student musicians perform during breakfast.” At the same time, Stevens says, “I think it’s a nice day; there isn’t anything I’d change.” How Grandparents Day develops in the future remains to be seen.

Grandparents Day allows us to spend time with our grandparents or grand-friends and gather with the rest of the LCA community in chapel or a class. It allows our grandparents to see what our day looks like at school.  Mr. Milton encapsulates the event best by saying, “Grandparents are priceless. It is rewarding to give them the gift of spending a school day with their grandchildren. It is also great seeing our community work together to be fantastic hosts for guests.”

What did you enjoy about Grandparents Day this year? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks, everybody, and have a grand week!