Celebrating Thanksgiving at the North Campus

By Sumeng “Alice” Xu ‘21. Header photo taken by Ms. Moran. Pictured left to right: Lois Kinyua’24, Lin “Lynn” Pan’24, Moeka Takahashi’ 24.

Two months ago, the dorm celebrated – Chinese “Thanksgiving” – the Moon Festival. On November 18th, the North Campus celebrated American Thanksgiving. Although Thanksgiving in China and in the USA have different meanings, they are celebrated in similar ways. Both holidays include a sumptuous feast in the company of close friends and family. Since many new students have never experienced Thanksgiving before, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner was a great way for students to come together to learn and to experience this particular American tradition for themselves.

At 6 PM, all students and teachers gathered in the dining room. The room was filled with holiday spirit as a spread of warm apple cider, fresh-baked bread, and corn candies were neatly placed on each candle-lit table. 

Photo by Mrs. Torjesen of the North Campus dining room.

Mrs. Torjesen started the dinner by teaching students the history of Thanksgiving, which helped students understand the origins of Thanksgiving. Then Ms. Metzger prayed for everyone. We prayed and thanked the Lord for the meal. We’re blessed to be able to eat such good food, and we hope that next year will be just as great.

Photo taken by Ms. Moran. Ms. Metzger with the seniors. Counterclockwise: Oluwatobi Ayeni ’20, Angelina Latin ’20, Xinlan “Annie” Chen ’20, Ms. Metzger, Minze “Mazer” Xu ’20, Zhicheng “David” Luo ’20, Haihan “Allen” Gao ’20, Lichao “Charle” Ji’ 20.

The most exciting part of the evening was the food. In comparison to the delicacies of roasted duck and mooncakes served during the Moon Festival, American Thanksgiving was all about comfort food. Chef Monica prepared the staples: mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, pasta, turkey and gravy. Although the dinner itself was nothing extravagant, there was something so beautiful in its simplicity. Maybe it was simply the comfort food – the buttery velvety mashed potatoes topped with a little black pepper. Maybe it was the laughter and conversations at each table that filled the entire dining room. Maybe it was the sweets the dorm provided for students later that night or the tea made by Tianhao “Tyler” Zhou ’21. 

Picture taken by Ms. Moran. Tianhao “Tyler” Zhou ’21.

Looking back, it was probably a combination of all those things that made Thanksgiving so memorable for students – a great prelude to the holiday season. Students expressed their enjoyment of the event, sharing thoughts like those of Qin “Veronica” Pan ‘24 when she shared, “This is the second year I spend Thanksgiving in the United States, and I am very happy to spend this with my dormitory students in LCA.  Thanksgiving dinner in the dormitory is great so that we international students can learn about the traditional American festivals and culture, and eat traditional American food. I also felt the warmth from school and we all had a good time during Thanksgiving dinner event.” This was a beautiful tradition and evening for everyone involved.

Photo taken by Mrs. Torjesen. From left to right: Ms. Metzger, Shuxian “Sophia” Xie ’23, Xinyu “Jocelyn” Zhang ’23, Sumeng “Alice” Xu’21, Gezhi “Alena” Hui ’21.
Photo taken by Ms. Moran. Students having dessert at the oak dining room.