Infinite Knowledge: What Does the Bible Say?

By Serenity Beaumont, Spiritual Life Co-Division Head.

“Whatever you understand cannot be God.” – Saint Augustine

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Knowledge is a desirable asset, especially as we try to navigate a world attached to the satisfaction of its own discoveries and morale. From conspiracy theories revolving around the universe’s creation, to the history of evolution and the future of mankind, we are always in constant search of tangible answers and explanation to things that seem impossible. We naturally crave the satisfaction of knowing we are indeed correct. However our society neglects to realize that it cannot and will not completely understand the function of this world. God’s design for the universe is so complex, and in fact inhuman that it was designed to never fully be comprehended by humans. Although we are seemingly close, to believe that people who possess a finite amount of knowledge can place the explanation of boundless creation into a series of simple mathematical equations, rules, and laws is impossible.

As a generation, we need to learn to be content with what we do not know. We need to learn to be satisfied with the never ending mystery and spiraling depth of God’s nature and creation. When we finally begin to accept things not seen by eye or heard by ear, things we cannot grasp with our hands, or calculate with our minds, we will then experience a stilling peace. This is the type of peace, not ignorance or impartiality, that God desires to instill for his creation.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain. . . some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” -1 Timothy 6:6-12