Advanced Senior Research Project: Annie Chen Profile

By Serenity Beaumont, Spiritual Life Division Head.

This week, our ASR profile will focus on the research being conducted by Annie Chen. She consistently displays her love for LCA and her dedication to see the school and its community flourish. Over the next couple of months, Annie’s project will observe how LCA works to protect the environment. Along with outside information and these results, she hopes to synthesize this information into a letter addressing the LCA board to offer suggestions about how we as a community can better educate ourselves and participate in environmental protection. Originally, Annie proposed a project with a concentration of neuroscience and its scientific connection to the Christian religion. However, just like many students in the past couple of months, she has become more vigilant to climate awareness. 

The Blue and White was able to hear Annie’s thoughts on her project. She told us that news and statistics about global warming are “very connected to her” and she believes that our lack of climate protection will lead to our generation not seeing the end of life. Considering this, Annie’s research consists of learning about how LCA has helped to benefit the climate in the past and to assess how effective our efforts have been. She gave the example of our recent effort of recycling the right items into the yellow buckets around the school. Other than this, she wants to research other policies that circulate climate awareness. 

One major determiner of her current project idea originated from her summer research at Carleton college located in Minnesota. Here, she created a research presentation along with other students that studied carbon dioxide levels in our environments. Conclusively, she explained that America’s atmosphere is exceedingly over the normal measure of carbon dioxide. This excess carbon dioxide which harms the environment is essentially caused by fossil fuels something that humans have complete control over. The poster below summarizes her research while at Carleton.

Over the next couple of months, Annie will begin to research various environmental policies along with attending seminars taught in Arlington by a former MIT professor. These seminars will elaborate in environmentalism and the science behind current environmentalist changes. Annie’s project is in its evolving process and we can’t wait to see how this idea will blossom.