Sing Your Academic Stresses Away with Mrs. Whitfield

By Eileen Flaherty, Student Life Division Head.

Pictured: Mrs. Whitfield, Academic Advisor, and Serenity Beaumont, Spiritual Life Division Head.

You may have seen Mrs. Whitfield on the stage in the cross center announcing the next Career Exploration Trip, but it’s unlikely that you saw her singing at the White House for President Obama. To many people’s surprise, Mrs. Whitfield, LCA’s new academic advisor, is actually a professional singer. She is always happy to talk to people about her passion, so please chat with her by all means if you are interested.

Before Mrs. Whitfield came to LCA, she “worked at KIPP Academy with their special education department.” However, she tells the Blue and White that “[her] main passion outside of work has always been music.” The Blue and White wanted to learn more about this interesting fact that is a huge part of Mrs. Whitfield’s life, so we asked her a few questions.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your background in singing?

A: “I got my Masters Degree in Vocal Performance at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge and have been singing locally ever since.” 

Along with that, she is also “a member of two choirs, started [her] own chamber group, develop[ed] recital programs, and [has] been a soloist with many local groups. [She has] performed at WGBH, with The Boston Ballet and, the most interesting fact about [her]… at the White House!”

Since LCA is also home to many talented vocalists, the Blue and White wanted to hear Mrs. Whitfield’s advice for our singers/performers. She tells us that her “piece of advice I can give for those who are interested in performing, whether it be singing or otherwise, is to keep performing and push yourself into unfamiliar settings.” She also told us to “talk to other performers about their experiences because there are so many different ways to be an artist. The more you talk, the more connections you make,” and in Mrs. Whitfield’s case, those connections lead her all the way to the White House!

Mrs. Whitfield’s last insight on what singing has taught her is that “it’s ok to try and fail spectacularly.” She tells us that “You will always learn something from it and you’re a true artist when you can pick yourself back up and keep creating!”