Faith that Stands the Test of Time

By Serenity Beaumont, Spiritual Life Division Head

Faith, in its complexity, has many interpretations. It is commonly defined as the complete trust and confidence or conviction in something or someone. Similarly, I believe we all perceive faith, in its most general sense, as the belief and the ability to surrender complete trust in something whether visible or unseen.

While in His short time on Earth, Jesus sought help unbelievers strengthen their convictions not through force or persuasion. Rather, through the use of stories and parables completely open to various interpretations, Jesus provided his audience with the choice of making up their own conclusions on the basis of their personal beliefs. One of Jesus’s most common parables found in Matthew 7:24-27 is the story of a man who built his on different foundations: one on sandy ground and one on rock. We can already predict the sequence of this plot. The man who built his house on sand, a weak foundation, did not last. The man who built his house on rock, a firm foundation, prospers through the storm that tests his foundation.

Jesus is not trying to stump his audience through the straightforward plot of this parable; this was certainly not the purpose of his storytelling. This story, which serves as a metaphorical illustration that directly applies to our lives, is stated to challenge us to think about what we tend to devote our trust too. The sand in the story can represent various opinions, beliefs, voices, and temptations that may often contradict Christian beliefs. The rock, on the other hand, always represents God’s strong unwavering anchor and presence in our lives. Through this story, Jesus implicitly implores us to choose Him and the promise of His steady foundation that serves as a strong pillar. No matter how tempting other opinions, people, or situations might appear, we must ground our beliefs on the sturdy foundation of God’s word, so that when the storms of life comes, our foundation and faith in the Lord will stand the test of time.