Every LCA Student Club and How to Join

By Isabella Lahoue, Editor-in-Chief

Since the derailing of a club block, many of our student clubs have fallen off the radar. The Blue and White being one of these clubs, we felt it necessary to cast light on the many hidden opportunities for students to flourish with peers. Most of these are limited to upper school students, and, although there are currently no middle-school exclusive clubs, there are always opportunities for students to propose their own club ideas, just as the newspaper came to be.

If you’re looking for more information on any of the clubs, approach or email the student leaders with inquiries. If you’re interested in starting a club, and you know other students who are also looking to join, consider talking to faculty members who might be willing to sponsor your club and make it official.

The following is a full list of the clubs available to students:


What it is: (Peer Issues Group) A board of students who meet to discuss student issues and buddy up with sixth graders and new seventh graders.

When: A common lunch block.

Open to: Rising juniors and seniors who complete the application, are interviewed by current PIG members, and are considered to be of good character by peers. The application process begins in late May.

Faculty advisor(s): Ms. Campbell/Ms. Kiers

Current Student Leader: Amy Palmer ‘20 (Prefect)


What it is: The Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting is a weekly opportunity for student-athletes to hear a devotion and play a game with their peers.

When: Immediately after school on thursdays, concluding at about 3:30.

Open to: Upper school athletes (but all upper school students are welcome).

Current Student Leader(s): Jayson Clayton ‘20, Brooke Krivickas ‘20, Justus Schmidt ‘20


What it is: Helping Our World organizes service projects to aid members of the local community as well as international charities.

When: A scheduled block once a rotation.

Open to: Upper school students who complete the application process at the end of the school year.

Faculty advisor: Ms. Schim

Current Student Leader: Joy Mollenhauer ‘20

Math Team

What it is: Regional competitions for advanced mathematics.

When: Weekdays after school

Open to: Upper School students who complete a placement exam.

Faculty advisor: Mr. Xu

Current Student Leader(s): Annie Chen ‘20, David Luo ‘20


What it is: An open lab in the MakerSpace for students interested in coding, robotics, and engineering.

When: Wednesdays 3-5PM

Faculty advisor(s): Mr. Franco/Mr. Wallace

Fab Lab

What it is: An open lab in the MakerSpace for students interested in digital modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting, and architecture.

When: Tuesdays 3-5PM

Faculty advisor: Mrs. Chaney

Model UN

What it is: A simulation of United Nations meetings in which students assume the role of international delegates and debate various economic and political topics.

Meeting time: A scheduled block once a rotation.

Open to: Upper School students who complete an application and admission paper at the end of the school year.

Faculty advisor(s): Ms. Lujan/Mr. Patrie

Current Student Leader: Hannah Macdonald ‘20

Chapel Band

What it is: Students that lead worship in chapel once a rotation.

Meeting time: After school on Day 1 and before school on Day 2.

Open to: Upper School vocalists and musicians. Auditions take place in the music room at the end/beginning of each year.

Faculty advisor(s): Mr. Lane/Ms. Shim

Rock Climbing

What it is: A chance for students to utilize the rock wall on the left side of the gym.

Meeting time: Fridays 3-4 PM 

Open to: Upper School students who fill out a waiver form with Mr. Thomason.

Faculty advisor: Mr. Thomason

Current Student Leader: Olivia Wang ‘20