Advanced Senior Research Project: Stella Feng Profile

By Serenity Beaumont, Spiritual Life Division Head

The first Advanced Senior Reasearch profile will focus on senior Stella Feng and her research idea. She never fails to amaze with her beautiful expressions of art as they are constantly seen hanging around the school on display. This passion for art has funneled into her research.

The Blue and White had a chance to sit down with Stella to get some more information about her topic of interest. In our interview, she let us know that she is going to focus her research on immigration, a topic that is very present in our society and a topic that is also near to her heart. She told us that in her freshman year at LCA, she encountered this topic and became very fond of its information. Stella also shared with us that, as a Chinese student, she connects with the Chinese community; some of these individuals are immigrants. She observed among this community signs of trauma which sparked her fascination in studying developmental and mental changes one faces post immigration, a topic to which she has dedicated a good deal of traditional academic research. 

This presents the central claim of her project, which is to assess how immigrants truly deal with the dynamic change of migration and cultural assimilation. Her final project will display her learning and research through the form of a graphic novel that she will illustrate and publish. In her graphic novel, she will creatively depict the “dehumanization immigrants face” through illustrating them as families with animals masks, primarily animals who are prey like raccoons and rabbits. The following picture, which is a draft of Stella’s illustrations for her project, displays her ideas.

Illustrated by Stella Feng, Gallery Curator

Stella’s idea of illustrating her personal experiences and research through the genre of graphic novel stems from her love for other graphic novels that present the same topic of immigration such as “Illegal” illustrated by Giovanni Rigano or “The Strange” illustrated by Jérôme Ruillier. She told us of her favorite graphic novel “The Arrival” which is illustrated by exceptional and unique artist Shaun Tan. Stella values this specific text because the author depicts his novel only through illustrations which is a rarity in graphic novels. Stella seeks to take this same route with her own illustrations. She will add her specific mark to the piece by centralizing her illustrations around a loss of identity, psychological changes, and cultural conflict which are features of other graphic novels that she has never noticed before.

Image found here.

From now until May, Stella hopes to finish the interviews of immigrants she wants to depict in her graphic novel, and she will inform these interviewees know about the progress of the novel in November. In January, the construction of the graphic novel will begin, and she hopes to finish drawing and publishing her masterpiece in April. For future ASR students, she tells them that, although it is work intensive, “[students] should love it!” We’ll follow her progress and report back!