The End of War of the Worlds

By Katrina Schell, Performing Arts Division Head. Photo by Danah Hashem. Pictured: Daniel Cambourelis-Haskins.

Last weekend, the Cross Center saw the completed vision of War of the Worlds. After months of hard work, the cast and crew of the winter show were able to present to an audience the fruit of their labors. For those of you that were not able to attend, this show was a compilation of movement work, strong acting performances, and a dizzying array of technical challenges. Beyond the actors, our stage managers, tech booth, and director put hours of work into making this show perfect, and the result was a huge payoff. However, this result was not without its own drama.

Tech week brought about hours of stress; this included running around the building trying to wrangle our cast, setting up miles of spike tape, and intangible anxiety. We perfected our movement theater portions, honed in on our character traits, and redesigned cue after cue. For the members of our community that have never participated in a tech week, you’re not missing much in the stress department, but the week was not all bad. As you can imagine, spending your time from 3:30-7 every day with a group of people forms the most tremendous bonds, and, by the end of the week, cast camaraderie was the strongest I have ever experienced. But all good things must come to an end.

After a weekend of wipeouts, fevers, and orange juice pools on the stage, finally, the work of the War of the Worlds cast and crew was complete. And now, as we mourn for the loss of our characters and the tapering off of cast camaraderie, LCA looks forward to the Spring Show. Congratulations to our winter cast for an amazing performance, and best wishes for the cast of Guys and Dolls.