Math Team Spotlight

By Greta Risgin, Editor-in-Chief. Photo by Max Xu. Pictured around the table from left to right: Annie Chen ’20, Wendy Xi ’19, Tim Zhou ’19, Allen Gao ’20, and David Luo ’20.

At LCA, one of our most successful and competitive teams is not an athletic one, but the LCA math team. The team was founded in 2016 by then-sophomore Tim Zhou. The team was then placed within division six — the “sharks division” as it contained mathlete powerhouses like Lexington High School, Winchester High School, and Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. Although initially, LCA was placing only fourth or fifth in monthly division meets, our students took this as a challenge to make it to playoffs where LCA would be able to compete with schools of a closer size to our own.

That was 2016 — today the math team is preparing to embark on a mission to defend the state championship title held for three years running. The math team most recently qualified to be number one seed for the state championship and was invited to the New England Regional Tournament in April. As the smallest school in the small school division, it’s safe to say the LCA math team is one of the best, and we hope to see them keep succeeding this year and for many more.