Visit FCA Virtually

Interview and Editing by Jillian Stevens. Filming by Shea O’Brien.

Many wonder why the halls of LCA are so quiet after school on Thursdays… You might think, why isn’t any music echoing from the senior hallway? Why is the junior hallway empty? Why is the library lacking any students? Well, you can undoubtedly find about 40-50 students up in room 216 chilling out, snacking, and listening to the word of God. All upper school athletes (others are welcome too!) are invited to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings after school on Thursdays, led by Ben Mollenhauer ‘19, Brooke Krivickas ‘20, and Justus Schmidt ‘20. This week, I’m bringing you along with me to see what it’s all about! Let’s go!

If you are interested in attending FCA, come to Room 216 on Thursdays at 2:50!