Countdown to Broadway Follies: Four Days to Go

By Katrina Schell, Performing Arts Division Head

The Calm Before the Musical Storm: Four Days to Go

As many witnessed during assembly, Broadway Follies is nearly complete! Ah, if only that were true. Chambers has moved on from pinning down the singing and major choreographic ideas, finally reaching the tedious stage of nitpicking. Every step, every hand motion, every button must be perfectly in sync, or we risk the entire number toppling on its head. During Chambers block this morning, tension was nearly at an all-time high as the group spent over fifteen minutes picking apart six measures of the opening number. Although most people would say that critiquing to that extreme level is unnecessary, the singers are not leaving any moment up to chance, especially with the trend-breaking opening number (if you would like to know how it breaks the trend, you will just have to see the show).

Stress level: Medium
Mrs. Bulger’s Mood Meter: “Salty”