Inside MIT’s The Tech

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By Isabella Lahoue and Greta Risgin, Editors-in-Chief. IMG_2761

Last Sunday, the Editors-in-Chief, Greta Risgin and Bella Lahoue, of The Blue and White toured MIT’s The Tech newspaper office and spoke with the Editor in Chief, Emma Bingham. MIT’s full campus is a maze to find your way through, but the student center, where Blue and White editors met with the MIT paper staff, stands out across the street from the main building. The opportunity to observe a well-established and respected student paper’s inner workings is a big opportunity, and our editors were read to learn from MIT’s paper staff

The MIT paper meeting, which occurs each Sunday afternoon at 6:00 PM, was less a meeting and more a somewhat structured circuit of rendezvous between different groups of editors. When our editors arrived, the photography team was hashing out ideas and the editorial team was working on the upcoming joke edition, which is always released before finals. Our editors were able to observe the action up close.

Emma Bingham led them around the office, which holds the essence of the creative process: somewhat messy, but still very productive. She brought them to a room whose walls were lined with shelves all holding the same thing: old bound editions of The Tech dating back to the 1950s (The Tech has been in print since 1881).

Almost instinctively, they reached for the oldest books, not hesitating to flip through each and every old editorial rant, every letter to the editor, and, of course, every Tom Hanks movie review.IMG_2764

Emma also answered some of our editors’ questions about working for The Tech as a student, and told them that the newspaper for her was more about the fact that it brought students together than anything else. It has become a safe haven for the students of MIT who search to find their identities and where they can be accepted by others. She sent the editors off with this, which lingered in the backs of their minds even after we departed from the chaotic college campus that evening: to them, it doesn’t matter to them who reads the paper or not, because the experience of getting together to write, be involved in campus life, and produce meaningful content is satisfactory on its own. The Blue and White has learned a lot from student newspaper giant, the Tech, and our whole editors’ board hopes to incorporate its ideas into our own here in the LCA newsroom.