Our God-Given Talents

By Harley Rusk, candidate for all-school chaplain next year as well as one of the 11th grade chaplains, volunteered to write a guest devotion for us this week.

I’ve always found the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30 fascinating, and it’s actually been one of the foundations to how I live my life. To sum up the parable, a man going on a journey entrusts his servants with talents, which were a form of money at the time. The first two servants put their talents to work, and through investing them, make more money. When the man comes back, they show him the progress that they have made, and he congratulates them. However, the third servant buries the talents and does nothing with them. When he digs them up and gives them to the man, the man scolds him for not using the money.

At the time that this parable was told, talents were a form of money. However, the message of this parable can still be applied today, directly to our talents. God has given us all special talents: some of us are smart, some of us are athletic, others are leaders, singers, or artists. When God gives you a gift like that, it’s your responsibility and your duty to him to use that talent and refine your skills. Through working hard and using the talents that God has given you, you bring him glory.

I encourage you all to reflect on this parable. What are your talents? What special gifts has God given you? How can you develop your skills in a way that glorifies God?