Hope For Mothers in Need

By Isabella Lahoue, Editor-in-Chief. Photo by Geoff Freeman. Pictured: The sixth grade students and families got together to make a difference for many mothers at The Wish Project. 

This past Mother’s Day weekend, many hardworking moms received gift bags filled with much-needed goods thanks to The Wish Project, an organization that serves families in Merrimack Valley. Over 1000 gift bags were packed and delivered to shelters around Lowell, Massachusetts. The LCA sixth grade class also participated in the fundraiser, which was suggested and run by LCA student, Olivia Freeman. About nine bags were donated by students, and the students ended up packing 75 more at the warehouse last Saturday.

Olivia Freeman tells us the idea behind organizing this, as she says:

“Having the class participate in the fundraiser makes getting more materials easier. And, some students came with us to the organization to help pack other bags. In Perspectives we had been learning about disasters that leave people homeless, such as the Dust Bowl or Hurricane Katrina. I thought it would be good to work as a community to help people in need.”

The Wish Project also runs other charity funds throughout the year, which you can read more about here. There are always plenty of ways to make a difference in our community, even if it is one gift bag at a time.