Test Anxieties

By Caleb Hong, Spiritual Life Division Head

Everyone has them. The feeling before (or after) a test when you’re studying and you just don’t feel that click that makes everything fit into place. The feeling of waiting to take the test and waiting for grades to appear. With AP exams, “end of the year assessments,” and finals just around the corner, there’s plenty of stress and hard work to go around. Now, I could lie and say that, if we pray to God, he will give us the scores we need. (I actually have known this to work for some people, but they prayed for the same amount of time as they would have studied. Like hours upon hours.) But I will say this: it’s not easy to give up your worries and fears before God. It takes away our sense of control and knowledge of what will happen. But 1 Peter 5:7 says to “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” But how do we do this? We know our best friends will be there when we need them to talk to or need moral support. In the same way, just pour out your heart to God. All the fear, anger, joy, and sorrow, just pour it out to God. He will give you peace.


This is my challenge for you. Go and find a time, 10-20 minutes (I would go for longer, but people have busy lives). Pour your heart out before God. Abandon the stress from tests and just let it all out.