What Do We Worship?

By Caleb Hong, Spiritual Life Division Head

And Jesus answered him, “It is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.’” – Luke 4:8

What do we worship? I’m not necessarily talking about what religion we believe in, or what we profess to believe in. What are the things that we are willing to sacrifice for? Worship is how we live our lives; it’s the small things that we do. It shows in our priorities and the way we spend our time. For those of us who are Christian, or even if you’re not, I want us all to ponder deeply on what we worship. Do our lifestyles, our use of time, our words, and our actions reflect what we claim to adore and revere? If God is not the center of our life, then what is? Why do we worship the gods of our grades, of popularity, of wealth, and of pleasure? Many people often forget that Jesus is not only saviour and friend, but king and master. The kingdom of heaven is not a democracy! You cannot serve another king and live in the kingdom. It is either God’s way or the highway; there is no other option. So my challenge for this week is to find some time, not long, maybe 30 minutes or so. Sit down with yourself (and with God). Figure out your priorities; do they match your words? My prayer is that your heart will become sure and decided; it will be wholehearted in its choice.