Letter From The Editors: The Final Farewell

By Greta Risgin and Isabella Lahoue, Editors-in-Chief.

Dear Reader,

For the senior class and the overwhelming majority of The Blue and White Editors, the year, and our time at LCA itself, is nearly over. As a result, the newspaper will be shutting its doors one last time. Our hope is that the hours of love and labor poured in to The Blue and White over the past three years will live on as a time capsule of sorts.

Perhaps at the beginning of this experiment in student media and journalism, doubts that we could really do this plagued our minds. What were we? A group of underclassmen trying to breathe life into LCA’s press— what could we ever truly accomplish? We doubted we’d have readers, we doubted we’d have news. Yet here we are. Not just a group of students with a pastime in journalism, but an editors’ board of journalists. From a mere idea in the minds of two sophomores, we’ve grown to grasp the attention of LCA students and faculty, hold socials, form an official elective, visit a major broadcasting and news organization, meet with so many interesting people, and so much more. We have laughed and cried with our readers, but most importantly we made you think. But now, dear reader, there is time to think of something else— our goodbye. The editors’ board currently rests in our hands as seniors (and of course one junior), along with a devoted staff of many represented grades, but, with our leadership moving on to the next step of life, it is time for The Blue and White to fall behind us as a beautiful chapter in our lives. Journalism and freedom of the press is not dead at Lexington Christian Academy— merely dormant, hibernating for the next group of knowledge-hungry students looking to build on their passion. For now it is goodbye, for our hardworking editors’ board and for our constant news coverage. To you we light the lantern.


Bella & Greta

The Blue and White Editors

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