LCA Student Published in National Blog

By Isabella Lahoue, Co-Editor-in-Chief. Image found here.

Last month, a blog post written by LCA sophomore Giovanna Johnson discussing common misconceptions about conservative women was published on Future Female Leaders, a blog with over fifty thousand followers. Future Female Leaders is, as taken from their website, “building, cultivating, and supporting the next generation of conservative women.” FFL accepts content from women living in the United States who identify as conservatives on topics ranging from politics to lifestyle and American culture.

Johnson (known by her peers as Gio) was inspired to write for Future Female Leaders “because [of] how hard they are working to create a generation of strong young women willing to do all they can to help the country… [I] wanted to be part of the movement.” Within just two weeks of submission, Gio’s well-crafted article was published on January 30th for FLL’s thousands of daily viewers to devour. The Blue and White editors could not be prouder that a fellow student has endeavored to share her passion with the world through digital media, and encourage other students to consider undertaking the same—it just goes to show that the opportunities to voice ideas on the internet are endless!