Where Were the Cross-Country Home Races?

By Jillian Stevens, Sports Division Head. Photo by Rachel Gonsalves, ’21. Pictured: Varsity Girls’ Cross Country Team.

Cross country seniors got snubbed on home meets this year. At the beginning of the season when the cross country runners were looking over their schedule, they realized they had only two home meets. The disappointment from the dedicated seniors was real and left the team in a state of disbelief. 

    After speaking with a few cross country runners, it seems they never truly got the whole story on their total lack of meets on their home course. So, the Blue and White decided to get to the bottom of it. Mr. Stevens explained that, because there are eleven schools in the league, and only four league meets, the locations of the meets rotate every year. Therefore, on an off year, the only meets we host are homecoming and a non-league meet. This is because in Cross Country you typically won’t race the same team multiple times. 

However, some cross country runners speculated that, based on technicalities that occured at home meets during the 2018 season, teams within the EIL were refusing to travel to LCA for meets. An anonymous LCA runner shared her experience that former coach David Tousignant was extremely disorganized and unhelpful to visiting teams. She reported that he did not set up cones, communicate with other coaches, or mark the course which was especially difficult for most teams who refused course walks. In her assessment, this behavior resulted in teams refusing to return to LCA for meets and in the cross country team spending an unprecedented amount of time on buses. This perspective is currently unconfirmed.

    The cross country team only had two home meets this year, and their senior day was on homecoming. Cross country seniors expressed disappointment in the lack of fans at their senior day, especially because so few people knew about it. Parents and fans were forced to commute to almost every meet, and students returned from most meets late or had to leave class early. 

This ended up being a truly disappointing season for the Cross Country runners in this regard. Senior captain, David Horcher described their lack of home meets as, “Outrageous, and unfair” questioning, “how could we only have two meets at our home course?” Hopefully next year the home meets are scheduled in our athletes’ favor.