Advanced Senior Research Project: Katrina Schell Profile

By Serenity Beaumont, Spiritual Life Division Head

Our final ASR profile will focus on Trina Schell. In the past, we have seen Trina on stage cast in many LCA plays. Outside of the spotlight, she frequently helps Mr. Greco, our theater director, write and edit plays as this is her passion. Her fascination with playwriting has flourished into her idea for her research. 

Photo by Katrina Schell

The Blue and White was able to talk with Trina to learn more about her project. Unique from the other ASR projects, Trina will conduct her project through her experience of playwriting for LCA as she will investigate “collaboration through different perspectives and styles” within the production of the plays and scripts that she has written. Trina’s ASR project is heavily influenced by her role as LCA’s theater director for the year. She has assisted Mr. Greco in managing past plays and productions, and will be using this experience and this year’s play productions to conduct her research on collaboration. 

When the Blue and White checked in with Trina in November, during the early stages of her play’s production, she informed the Blue and White that her idea of directing a play is one that she has thought of for that past couple of years, and now, along with the help of advisors and teachers, she is in the process of carrying out this exciting dream! In the upcoming month, Trina is going to produce and direct her own play. Trina informed us that her potential title for this anticipated masterpiece will employ the phrase “And then there was light.” Her play will feature no set as she wants to produce a “minimalist tone” with more emphasis on dialogue. She also informed us of her idea to have the audience, rather than sitting in the seats, to sit on stage circling the actors to further abstract theme of the play. The script for the play as well as the play itself, Trina has described, will be “very experimental and artistic.” 

Trina will be gathering data and analyzing some of the principles of collaboration that are inherent in both this play as well as a second play that she has written that Mr. Greco is directing. This information will be used in a report that Trina compiles as the capstone of her ASR project. 

Currently, Trina has completed writing her play and picked her cast. Trina and these upper school students are currently in the process of rehearsal for her play that will officially debut February 21 and February 22, only a couple of weeks away! The LCA community is excited to see the products of her writing and her research!