An Inside Look at LCA’s Christmas Decor

By Katie Sawyer, Staff Writer.

Greetings LCA, and welcome back from the break! You may have noticed walking into school on your first day back that the beautiful Christmas decorations have been taken down, but we should all give a big thank you to Mr. VanderBrug. Throughout his years at LCA, Mr. VanderBrug has decorated the inside and outside of the school for all major holidays, especially Christmas. 

Many people just see the decorations and think that it was multiple teachers or staff. However, it is Mr. VanderBrug and his hard work! He strings all the Christmas lights and puts up the trees and wreaths. Pictured are decorations in the library and main lobby. 

In the main lobby, Mr. VanderBrug drew a lovely visual piece on the wall, grasping the essence of the Christmas season. Sweaters, mittens, stockings, and scarves capture the season. He drew it free handed, which is very impressive. He saw the idea for it in a small shop in Baltimore and thought it was pretty cool! He copied the idea and drew it in our window once he realized the wall behind the couch was empty. He makes stencils and holds them up against the wall. Every pattern is different.

Mr. VanderBrug has been putting up the decorations for LCA for 15 years. He starts thinking about his ideas in late September or early October. He does it all by himself, which takes up a lot of his time. The outside decorations take about 5 to 6 hours. The inside takes 5 to 6 hours as well. Including set up and getting the supplies, the whole process takes about 12 to 14 hours in total. Half the supplies are stored at his house, while the other half are stored at school. Mr. VanderBrug always decorates the weekend of Thanksgiving break so that, when everyone comes back after the break, the school is lit up and festive. He takes them down the weekend before we come back to school after Christmas. This is a huge project for him that he willingly undertakes for our school each year.

Outside, there are about 4,500 lights on the bushes, trees, and building. Mr. VanderBrug is not purist; he uses white and colored lights. Inside the building are installations that vary every year. For example, one time he created a living room with a fireplace; last year he constructed a working train set, and he has assembled Christmas trees out of presents.

Mr. VanderBrug often also decorates for the Christmas concert each year. This year, Mr. VanderBrug helped put up the large Christmas tree. It was the star of the show! 

Mr. VanderBrug really enjoys decorating the school. He says that it is fun to decorate for the LCA community as well as our guests for the Christmas concert and in general. Mr. VanderBrug likes to think of it as an empty canvas, and he likes to fill it. 

So, when you see Mr. VanderBrug, thank him for providing Christmas decorations to our school. The Blue and White hopes everyone had a great break and is ready to go back to school. 

Thank you Mr. VanderBrug!